FF in the Media

Grrrl Zine Network
Click here to read "Fallopian Falafel: ...bringing Riot Grrrl culture to the Holy Land." - Grrrl Zine Network, January 2008, by Haydeé Jiménez & Elke Zobl.

Click here to read "A conversation with Hadass Ben-Ari, zine queen" - Jerusalemite, October 26, 2008, by Simone.

Click here to read "Riot Grrrl fuzes feminism with Zionism in pioneering publication" - Haaretz English edition, Anglo File, November 7, 2008, by Raphael Ahren.

FF in an Italian student paper
A student paper in Italian published a brief about Fallopian Falafel. Click here (PDF) and scroll to page 5 to read "Femminismo Dal Dolce Sapore medio Orientale" - Corriere del Universita e del Lavoro, December 2008, page 5, by Amanda Coccetti.

FF in Jossip
Click here to read "The Zine Lives: Why the 90s aren't as dead as you think." Jossip, February 18, 2009, by Drew Grant.

Click here to read "Nicht Aus Adams Rippe" - Missy Magazine (Germany), August 31, 2009, by Sebastian Ingenhoff, photos by Roland Wilhelm. Click here to read the translated version. Missy Magazine official site: http://www.missy-magazine.de/

Click here to read Hadass's interview for the blog Zine Weekly, August 27, 2010. A segment about Fallopian Falafel was also included in the book "Fanzines" by Teal Triggs who runs this blog.