The Fans Speak Up!

"Let me start with what I didn't like about your new issue. Nothing. As for the stuff I salivated over, oh my god girl, you are the coolest. Yr zine really has such an awesome I'm-professional-and-put-together vibe, but still I-totally-own-you-with-my-creativity. I thought all your contributors had something interesting to say." – Lucy of Danger! Hole Zine.

"It is so interesting… i can understand the issues that u are defending i respect ur work! U have a real women worth!!" – Lissette from Dominican Republic.

"Before I read it, the first thing I noticed was how nice it looks-I love the cover and the layout-you did such a good professional looking job! All of the artwork in it is really nice, I love how you put artwork throughout it! I really enjoyed all of the articles… I really related to it." – Amanda from New York.

"I'm so excited by the prospect of starting to build a certain infrastracture for the Feminist queer culture in here. Kudos!" – Melissa from Tel Aviv.

"I think its great. very controversial and a kick in the face" – Angela Gossow from Sweden.

"I totally loved the zine! It was so, so refreshing to see some independent media in my mailbox for once." – Marissa Blaszko from Connecticut.

"omgggggg fuck fuck shit fuck =DDDD WOAHHHHHHHHHH i goooooot the zineeeeeeee omgomgomg thanks so muchhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh i cant believe its so beautiful thank you so sosososoooo muuuuuuch seriously....
i got homeeeee and i saw this package i didnt know wot was in it and omg when i sawwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww it i almost fainted... i really wanna buy all editions, its like a bible." – Alejandra Gorino from Bolivia.

"I'm really impressed: I like the empowered women's voice you bring out and the articles." – Or Efrat from Israel.

"You chicas rock my socks! A GINORMOUS fan (I even put the Fallopian Falafel sticker up at my cubicle at work)" – Yahm Reichart from Jerusalem.

"It's good to have genuine feminist reading material around for my daughters. It's been years (like since I made aliya in 1981) since I've seen this type of mag. It gets my thumbs up… this was a mainline injection of feminism for me, showing me it's alive and well." – Miriam Erez from Israel.

"Wow! Good for you for empowering other women...I love writing for you 'zine. You get the word out on topics others shy from." – Channie Greenberg from Jerusalem.

"This is what the internet should be about, the posting of thoughts and issues, so that all can see, take them in, and just maybe make this world a nicer place. You zine was a very pleasent surprise to me, well written and to the point and I look forward to your next issue." – Robert Johnson from Tennessee.

"[One of the articles,] 'Once Upon A Barbell", I can identify in so many ways. And everytime I read it, I feel really okay with the music I choose to listen to, how I choose to look, etc..." - Heather Jacobs from the U.S.

"I think Fallopian Falafel deserves an ovarian ovation." - Orit Hizme from Jerusalem.

"I was in such a GOOD MOOD from YOUR DIY mag. that I went off to The Gym in an extra high mood even though essentially I felt tired + burnt-out!" - Sue Tourkin-Komet from Jerusalem.

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